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BP Podcast: Episode 94: It's Like Eating Fun Dip99999

By Kevin Goldstein

Published: May 25, 2012, 3:25 pm EDT

There's stuff going on in baseball, so we keep talking about it. Our listeners killed it on emails this week, including some outstanding tales of #want, and then we talk about the Orioles, potetial shenanigans in the 2012 draft, Dodgers prospects and wrap up Jason's time watching some Carolina League games in Wilmington. Our special guest is Shi Davadi, columnist for Sportsnet as we talk about the Blue Jays and the unique mindset of Blue Jays fans, but Shi is not only a journalist, he's a journalism instructor, so we review last week's rant on the state of Internet baseball content as well. From there it's the goofy stuff with good music, good drink and good ringtones.

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