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Blue Jays Blog Tracker

Welcome to the Blog Tracker, our attempt to list and promote every Blue Jays blog out there. While the main site tracks and archives just a handful of blogs, the Blog Tracker takes snapshots of every Blue Jays blog twice daily and displays any recent posts.

Active Blue Jays Blogs: 48

Jays Droppings

Last Post: 1 day ago

Everything Is Blue Jays Awesome

By Ryan Di Francesco



Last Post: 4 days ago

Missing BJ

Last Post: 7 days ago

Jays Prospects

Jays Prospects

Last Post: 13 days ago

Mop Up Duty

Mop Up Duty

Last Post: 17 days ago

Jays Balk

Last Post: 22 days ago

On Deck: Blue Jays visit Tampa Bay

By Matt Di Nicolantonio

1 Blue Jays Way

1 Blue Jays Way

Last Post: 24 days ago

25 Man Roster Challenge goes down to the wire!

By The Man With The Golden Arm

The Jays Shed

Last Post: 32 days ago

The Longest Week

By seanedsbaseballcom


Last Post: 74 days ago


Last Post: 105 days ago

Blue Jay Talking

Last Post: 115 days ago

No way, Jose.

By bluejaytalking

All Thing Blue Jays

Last Post: 133 days ago

Blue Jays sign LHP Jeff Beliveau

By allthingsbluejays

Echoes From 527

Last Post: 133 days ago

Ghostrunner on First

Ghostrunner on First

Last Post: 190 days ago

Re: Jays

Last Post: 190 days ago

The 2-2 Pitch

Last Post: 259 days ago

August 12th, 2016


Jays Line

Last Post: 274 days ago

Know a Blue Jays blog that's missing from this list? Please let us know and we'll add it ASAP.

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