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Why this site?

We love the Toronto Blue Jays, and we're inclined to obsess a bit about Jays content. Sifting through hundreds af articles in our feed readers searching out Blue Jays content became a chore. Aside from being wildly inconsistent from site to site, feeds are too often polluted with redundent filler. Sometimes we just want to read about the Jays, check and see if there is new news or analysis, and then move on to the rest of MLB.

We wanted to read the original articles by local writers, the bloggers' reactions and then see the video and photos of what we were reading about. We didn't want to read every FanGraphs article (even though we should), but wanted to know if there was a new one about the Jays. We wanted to know the authors of the content we were about to read. We wanted to know if we missed something.

We wanted to do all of this without having to sift through all of the irrelevant content. So you won't find any Associated Press/Canadian Press duplicate content (often published with different titles at different publications). No Ken Fidlin articles about the CFL. No non-Jays content. Just original Blue Jays content from the original source.

So after some attempts with the wonderful Yahoo! Pipes, we decided to just make it ourselves.

Why does the item say "Unknown" for the author even though the original story has an author?

There can be a few reasons for this. The sources being monitored by Blue Jays Aggregator vary greatly. Many do not contain author information. If we cannot confirm the author, but we know the content is relevant and unique (through other factors), the item is added with an author of Unknown.

Will you add my Blue Jays blog?

We might. We're always looking for quality Blue Jays content, but we're pretty picky. We'll consider adding a blog if it has

(a) quality content

(b) is regularily updated (not necessarily often, but that helps)

(c) it's over one year old

Unfortunately, blogs all too often start out with incredible energy that dissipates or disappears over time.

If you have (or know of) a blog that fits the above description, send us an email and let us know.

We're much more likely to add you to our Blue Jays Blog Activity Meter. We already have over 40 blogs there displayed in order of how active they are. We personally use this page a lot, since it shows any posts from the previous 48 hours, and often pick news blogs for the main site from this list.

Where do you get your statistics and other historical data?

We get the majority of non-news data from,, Baseball America, Baseball Reference and Retrosheet. These are indespensible sites for any baseball fan.

Blue Jays Aggregator indexes my blog, but some of the info or graphics are out-of-date. When will you update?

Short Answer... As soon as we notice, and find some time. With so many sites indexed, some minor changes slip through the cracks. Please email us if you notice incorrect or outdated info. We can usually have things updated within a day or so.

How does filtering work?

The main page (, or Everything in the main menu, is structured to give you a good sense of the current Toronto Blue Jays news by just scrolling down the first page. We take steps to assure an accurate representation of the current news landscape on the main page by filtering out certin content.

The following are filtered:

· Blogs (some, so many indexed)

· Fantasy (all)

· MiLB (some)

· Radio (all, find these in the sidebar)

· Video (some, they can come in bunches)

As far as blogs go, I wanted to add as many entrenched and active Blue Jays blogs as possible to Blue Jays Aggregator. They provide excellent commentary and research, but with 20+ blogs indexed, they can take over the front page.

No disrespect intended to the sources limited on the front page. Note that ALL category pages are unfiltered.

You index by blog/site, why are some posts missing?

We apply the same scrutiny to the blogs as we do the other sources. If the Aggregator sees an entry that it cannot recognize as Blue Jays content it will not be added.

We try to catch everything that slips through the cracks (some are held until they are confirmed by a human), but if we've missed something please let us know.

Last Post: 3 days ago

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Blue Jays Plus

Last Post: 3 days ago

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Mop Up Duty

Last Post: 9 days ago

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Mulliniks' Moustache

Mulliniks’ Moustache #13 – Blue Jays Music

By Mulliniks' Moustache • 9 days ago

Last Post: 14 days ago

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The Eye in the Skydome

A Cry for Sanity

By Grady • 14 days ago

Last Post: 4 days ago

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Blue Jays Nation

Buehrle Jays Can Win

By Brandon Nickel • 4 days ago

Last Post: 5 days ago

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Pumped Up Jays

Last Post: 11 days ago

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Breaking Blue

Last Post: 22 days ago

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1 Blue Jays Way

25 Man Roster Challenge Winner Declared

By The Man With The Golden Arm • 22 days ago

Last Post: 10 days ago

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OK Blue Jays

He’s Back

By Darryl • 10 days ago

Last Post: 64 days ago

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Flaming Phoenix of Flames

Blue Jays Adventure 2

By Cashew Mirman • 64 days ago

Last Post: 9 days ago

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Maicer Izturis out, Munenori Kawasaki in

By John Rich • 9 days ago

Last Post: 71 days ago

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Blue Jays Hipsters

Yoon oughta know...

By Matt Vignal • 71 days ago

Last Post: 23 days ago

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Birds of BABIP

Offseason + Spring Training Final Thoughts

By Birds of BABIP • 23 days ago

Last Post: 173 days ago

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Back in Blue

Echoes From 527: Options (1st Base)

By Andrew Hendriks • 173 days ago

Last Post: 22 days ago

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Double Switching

001 & 002

By Unknown • 22 days ago

Last Post: 234 days ago

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Blue Jays Way

Week #22: August 26-September 1 In Review

By Matt Brown • 234 days ago

Last Post: 32 days ago

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Bad News Jays

Last Post: 26 days ago

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A Perfect Start to 2014

By jled23 • 26 days ago

Last Post: 297 days ago

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The Southpaw

Mid-season Farm Report

By The Southpaw • 297 days ago

Last Post: 192 days ago

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The Mockingbird

More on the Wind vs. Dickey’s Knuckleball

By halejon • 192 days ago

Last Post: 205 days ago

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Baseball Feelings

baseball metaphysics for 2013 playoffs

By Raven Mack • 205 days ago

Last Post: 279 days ago

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Blue Jays Talk

Last Post: 253 days ago

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Going, Going, Goins!

Kevin Pillar Will Be Making His MLB Debut

By beezerdust • 253 days ago

Last Post: 51 days ago

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Armchair Bluejay

Ryan Kesler, and trading in-conference

By Rory Johnston • 51 days ago

Last Post: 264 days ago

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House of the Bluebird

Another Time, Another Place

By Matt Gwin • 264 days ago

Last Post: 243 days ago

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Extra Base Hit

GIF: Bourjos loses his glove

By Darren Kritzer • 243 days ago

Last Post: 135 days ago

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Canada Blue Jays

Blue Jays Name Tom Leiper 1st Base Coach

By canadabluejays • 135 days ago

Retired Blue Jays Blogs

Last Post: 21 days ago

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Sober Jays Fan

Game 3: Brilliant Buehrle, Blasting Bautista Beat Buttheads

By SoberJaysFan • 21 days ago

Last Post: 240 days ago

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Jays Jonesers

Blue Jays vs. Miley Cyrus for weekends worst...

By Unknown • 240 days ago

Last Post: 360 days ago

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All Dark in the Ballpark

Are You $&@@* Kidding Me?!?!

By Mike • 360 days ago

Last Post: 322 days ago

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Gray Matter

Title Not Found

By Kevin Gray • 322 days ago

Last Post: 913 days ago

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The 5th Starter

If You Love Something, Set it Free...

By The 5th Starter • 913 days ago

Last Post: 632 days ago

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The American Blue Jays Fan

Snider to Pittsburgh, Thames to Seattle, more to come by deadline?

By Carter Williams • 632 days ago

Last Post: 760 days ago

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Blue Jays Nest

Another day, another win

By mlblogsbluejaysnest • 760 days ago

Last Post: 495 days ago

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The North Side of the Diamond

Do Jays Fans Overvalue Prospects?

By Rob • 495 days ago

Last Post: 750 days ago

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OK Blue Jays

Toronto Blue Jays: Five Keys To Contending in 2012

By OK_Blue_Jays • 750 days ago

Last Post: 617 days ago

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Some Thoughts on Baseball

AJ Burnett and Marco Scutaro Continue to Help the Blue Jays

By Peter DeMarco • 617 days ago

Last Post: 784 days ago

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The Way of the Jay

Blue Jays Spring Training Broadcasts

By Amy Swenson • 784 days ago

Last Post: 656 days ago

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Back in Blue!!

By realrealjays • 656 days ago

Last Post: 944 days ago

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Ghostrunner on First


By Drew • 944 days ago

Last Post: 492 days ago

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Pen of the Ack


By The Ack • 492 days ago

Last Post: 639 days ago

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On Plastic Grass

The Blue Jays-Astros Trade

By onplasticgrass • 639 days ago

Last Post: 447 days ago

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Quantrill's Quandaries

Franken-Roster: Creating a Playoff Team from the Bargain Bin

By mikefuji • 447 days ago

Last Post: 391 days ago

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Touch 'Em All

Back To The Future: 1993 vs. 2013, Part 2

By Jonah Birenbaum • 391 days ago

Last Post: 218 days ago

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Blue Jay Way

The Greatest Blue Jays in History

By Deekay Cook • 218 days ago

Last Post: 373 days ago

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This Girl and the Blue Jays

Jays win! Snapshots from Jackie Robinson Day.

By Tavora • 373 days ago

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