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The Main Aggregator

The main page (, or Everything in the main menu, is structured to give you a good sense of the current Toronto Blue Jays news by just scrolling down the first page. We take steps to assure an accurate representation of the current news landscape on the main page by filtering out certin content.

The following are filtered:

· Blogs (some, so many indexed)

· Fantasy (all)

· MiLB (some)

· Radio (all, find these in the sidebar)

· Video (some, they can come in bunches)

As far as blogs go, I wanted to add as many entrenched and active Blue Jays blogs as possible to Blue Jays Aggregator. They provide excellent commentary and research, but with 20+ blogs indexed, they can take over the front page.

No disrespect intended to the sources limited on the front page. Note that ALL category pages are unfiltered.

Drill down on media outlets, sub-categories or specific writers when available.


To see every single article, blog post, fantasy analysis, video, radio clip etc. indexed at Blue Jays Aggregator, in chronological order, see the Unfiltered list in the Home sub menu or from the drop-down menu of the front page.

Our Categories

The main menu in the left sidebar of the site contains the main groupings of content. You can drill down to the source and often the author.

You can also find categories beneath each entry in the main column. Groupings by source or author (where appropriate).

Our Content

Our Links

The story links (large and blue) take you directly to the original article/blog post/photo etc. No pageview traps or other messing around.

We go to great lengths to provide the simplest and most commonly used versions of the URLs we add to the index. We try to limit proxy links, weird identifiers or lengthy, ugly, strings attached to the end of URLs unless integral to the link.

Voting / Liking / Recommending

Voting Up or Down

Voting helps us recommend great Blue Jays content to our users.

We've tried to make it as easy and unobtrusive as possible to vote. You DO NOT need to be logged in or have an account. Just click the "thumbs-up" button at the bottom right corner of each entry.

RSS Feeds

Our RSS feeds contain only unique Blue Jays content.

Depending on the source, RSS feeds often contain non-Blue Jays content and/or redundant third-party content publised at multiples sites. Just like our site in general, Blue Jays Aggregator removes the duplicate and non-Jays content.

Some examples of things you won't find in our feeds:

· Non-Blue Jays articles/posts from newspapers, major media outlets or other non-team-specific sites

· Duplicate content (ie. Associated Press articles at four sources all with different headlines)

· Links that make you jump through hoops to get to the original article

Links in our RSS feeds go directly to the original article/post

Our feed links do not bring you back to Blue Jays Aggregator, as often aggregator sites will do.

There are categorical links in the feed item descriptions, pointed at Blue Jays Aggregator, if you would like to come to the site to see other entries from a particular author or source. There is also the clearly marked option to "View this story at Blue Jays Aggregator" (in most feeds) if you would like to see Blue Jays Aggregator meta data or recommend it to other users. Otherwise, every Griff article takes you directly to the Toronto Star, every Drunk Jays Fans post takes you directly to Drunk Jays Fans.

Clean and straightforward.

User Accounts

User Accounts are disabled for now as we're too shiny new.

We would like to get the site a bit more entrenched and develop a user base before opening things up to user accounts, and user-submitted content, but it's definitely part of our plans.

Some functionality for user accounts that we've been considering:

· Login capabilities with your Twitter, Facebook or OpenID account

· Submit stories/links to Blue Jays Aggregator

· Ability to mark as read, unread, or save for later

· Ability to add personalized comments/recommendations

· A fully-functional user profile that displays your recommendations, submissions etc.

· Claim ownership as a site, blog, or author (and display your content on your profile)

We would love to hear what you would like as fas as functionality goes. Contact Us and let us know.

Last Post: 5 days ago

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AL Eastbound & Down

Riding with the Wind, ’14: An Apology

By Wes Kepstro • 5 days ago

Last Post: 3 days ago

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Mop Up Duty

The Premature Post-mortem of the 2014 Blue Jays

By Callum Hughson • 3 days ago

Last Post: 6 days ago

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Breaking Blue

Last Post: 9 days ago

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The Eye in the Skydome

A Cry for Sanity

By Grady • 9 days ago

Last Post: 17 days ago

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1 Blue Jays Way

25 Man Roster Challenge Winner Declared

By The Man With The Golden Arm • 17 days ago

Last Post: 5 days ago

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OK Blue Jays

He’s Back

By Darryl • 5 days ago

Last Post: 16 days ago

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Sober Jays Fan

Last Post: 17 days ago

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Double Switching

001 & 002

By Unknown • 17 days ago

Last Post: 59 days ago

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Flaming Phoenix of Flames

Blue Jays Adventure 2

By Cashew Mirman • 59 days ago

Last Post: 4 days ago

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Maicer Izturis out, Munenori Kawasaki in

By John Rich • 4 days ago

Last Post: 235 days ago

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Jays Jonesers

Last Post: 66 days ago

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Blue Jays Hipsters

Yoon oughta know...

By Matt Vignal • 66 days ago

Last Post: 168 days ago

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Back in Blue

Echoes From 527: Options (1st Base)

By Andrew Hendriks • 168 days ago

Last Post: 229 days ago

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Blue Jays Way

Week #22: August 26-September 1 In Review

By Matt Brown • 229 days ago

Last Post: 27 days ago

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Bad News Jays

Last Post: 21 days ago

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A Perfect Start to 2014

By jled23 • 21 days ago

Last Post: 292 days ago

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The Southpaw

Mid-season Farm Report

By The Southpaw • 292 days ago

Last Post: 187 days ago

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The Mockingbird

More on the Wind vs. Dickey’s Knuckleball

By halejon • 187 days ago

Last Post: 200 days ago

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Baseball Feelings

baseball metaphysics for 2013 playoffs

By Raven Mack • 200 days ago

Last Post: 355 days ago

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All Dark in the Ballpark

Are You $&@@* Kidding Me?!?!

By Mike • 355 days ago

Last Post: 274 days ago

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Blue Jays Talk

Last Post: 248 days ago

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Going, Going, Goins!

Kevin Pillar Will Be Making His MLB Debut

By beezerdust • 248 days ago

Last Post: 317 days ago

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Gray Matter

Title Not Found

By Kevin Gray • 317 days ago

Last Post: 259 days ago

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House of the Bluebird

Another Time, Another Place

By Matt Gwin • 259 days ago

Last Post: 238 days ago

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Extra Base Hit

GIF: Bourjos loses his glove

By Darren Kritzer • 238 days ago

Last Post: 908 days ago

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The 5th Starter

If You Love Something, Set it Free...

By The 5th Starter • 908 days ago

Last Post: 755 days ago

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Blue Jays Nest

Another day, another win

By mlblogsbluejaysnest • 755 days ago

Last Post: 745 days ago

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OK Blue Jays

Toronto Blue Jays: Five Keys To Contending in 2012

By OK_Blue_Jays • 745 days ago

Last Post: 779 days ago

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The Way of the Jay

Blue Jays Spring Training Broadcasts

By Amy Swenson • 779 days ago

Last Post: 651 days ago

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Back in Blue!!

By realrealjays • 651 days ago

Last Post: 939 days ago

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Ghostrunner on First


By Drew • 939 days ago

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