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Blue Jays And The City Of Dunedin Close On A New Spring Training Complex?

Details By Seth Allen

Published: Mar 5, 2015, 9:15 pm EST

A year after a proposed shared Spring Training facility with the Houston Astros in Palm Springs was nixed by the locals it would appear that the Blue Jays are close to signing to a deal with the City of Dunedin and Pinellas County to build a 50-80 million dollar baseball stadium with updated amenities according […]

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952 The Southpaw

Best Case Scenario

Details By The Southpaw

Published: Mar 5, 2015, 7:12 pm EST

As usual, I'll try to do something different tan just report information readily available all over the Toronto sports media. Everyone knows by now that Andrew Stoeten, for example, reliably offers a link to all the best stuff. Just check the sites in the sidebar for good stuff. Speaking of...

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906 AndrewStoeten.com

Spring Threat: Jays @ Orioles

Details By Andrew Stoeten

Published: Mar 5, 2015, 6:47 pm EST

It’s a trip straight into the fire for young Daniel Norris tonight, as the Blue Jays make the hour-and-whatever drive down the Gulf Coast to Sarasota for an evening visit to Ed Smith Stadium, home of the Baltimore Orioles. The young left-hander will pitch the first two innings for the Jays, depending on his pitch count,…

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918 Capital Jays

Podcast – We Talkin’ bout Prospects!? (and more!)

Details By Kyle Matte

Published: Mar 5, 2015, 6:34 pm EST

The guys from the Your Van C’s podcast, Charlie Caskey and Greg Balloch invited yours truly on to talk Blue Jays baseball last night. Topics include Marcus Stroman (because of course!), Russell Martin’s pitching framing and game calling, Miguel Castro… Continue reading →

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903 Bluebird Banter

Blue Jays @ Orioles - Spring Training Game 3 - 7 pm - GameThread

Details By Minor Leaguer

Published: Mar 5, 2015, 5:51 pm EST

The Blue Jays and their division avian rivals Orioles will battle in the first night game of spring training at the beautifully renovated Ed Smith Stadium down in Sarasota. A night road game in week one means we won't see any top players from the Jays' side, but the Orioles...

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906 AndrewStoeten.com

Daily Duce: Thursday, March 5th

Details By Andrew Stoeten

Published: Mar 5, 2015, 4:52 pm EST

Daily??!? Did you hear that Dan Norris lives in a van during the off-season? Me either, so apparently ESPN The Magazine (via ESPN The Magazine The Website) has a real scoop on their hands! (OK, OK, sarcasm aside, it’s always gonna please the natives when the Jays get noticed in the States, and it’s a…

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903 Bluebird Banter

Thursday Bantering: Closer thoughts

Details By Tom Dakers

Published: Mar 5, 2015, 2:10 pm EST

Gregor Chisholm writes that the Blue Jays might go with either a shared closer role (with Brett Cecil and Aaron Sanchez sharing the job) or full out bullpen by committee. I do get the feeling that the team has already decided that Sanchez will be in the bullpen. I might be...

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908 Jays Journal

Should Blue Jays Aaron Sanchez be in the Bullpen?

Details By Jeff Morten

Published: Mar 5, 2015, 9:00 am EST

It’s been the raging debate over the off-season in Blue Jays land. What to do with the bullpen. Without many external options it seems that the Aaron Sanchez-to-the-closer role has been decided in the minds of many. He was stellar last season coming out of the pen. We all saw...

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903 Bluebird Banter

Thursday Morning Sporcle: Departed Blue Jays

Details By Minor Leaguer

Published: Mar 5, 2015, 8:08 am EST

The 2015 Blue Jays are very different from the 2014 Blue Jays. A total of 25 players that played for Toronto last season is not back with the team this year. A few departed during the season (Esmil Rogers, Erik Kratz, and Neil Wagner, for example) but many left after the...

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906 AndrewStoeten.com

Thirty More Years In Dunedin For The Jays, And A New Facility In As Soon As Three Years?

Details By Andrew Stoeten

Published: Mar 4, 2015, 11:34 pm EST

It wasn’t all that long ago that the Blue Jays were having quite the dalliance with the Houston Astros and the Florida city of Palm Beach Gardens, with the objective being to get themselves out of their first and only spring home, Dunedin. Or, at the very least, to get Dunedin, and Pinellas County, afraid enough…

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