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The Blue Jays still aren't offering enough to Edwin Encarnacion

By Marc Normandin

Published: Apr 27, 2016, 8:47 am EDT

Wednesday's Say Hey, Baseball includes the Jays' weak attempt at keeping their star, Byron Buxton's struggles and where Blake Swihart should play. Listen, we know it's tough to catch up on everything happening in the baseball world each morning. There are all kinds of stories, rumors, game coverage, and Vines...

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Blue Jays' Chris Colabello suspended for 80 games after positive PED test

By Grant Brisbee

Published: Apr 22, 2016, 4:47 pm EDT

The slugging first baseman tested positive for dehydrochlormethyltestosterone, a steroid on the banned-substances list. Chris Colabello was one of the Toronto Blue Jays' best stories last year. The first baseman erupted for 15 home runs after crawling out of the independent leagues and being discarded by the Minnesota Twins. He...

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This man's giant white beard is the perfect canvas for a Blue Jays logo

By Whitney Medworth

Published: Apr 12, 2016, 10:24 pm EDT

This is art. 'Tis the season for logo beards! This Blue Jays fan has some impressive art incorporated into his beard. It's better than this fans creepy beard that was shaped into the Nationals logo. There is also still no confirmation on whether this is or is not Santa. The Blue...

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Blue Jays fan brings comically large belt to tease Pablo Sandoval after he broke his

By James Dator

Published: Apr 10, 2016, 3:54 pm EDT

Pablo Sandoval should probably get used to this because baseball fans might be trying this all season long. The Red Sox played the Blue Jays on Sunday when an enterprising fan brought out a comically long belt and yelled at the Panda. Sandoval broke his belt on Saturday when the...

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Letting Jose Bautista swat at fielders' legs won't make baseball fun again

By Grant Brisbee

Published: Apr 6, 2016, 12:44 pm EDT

The interference that ended Tuesday's Rays/Blue Jays game didn't have anything to do with the new rules on breaking up double plays. It had to do with the basic rules of baseball. We knew it was coming. From the moment the Chase Utley Rule went into effect, we knew there...

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Blue Jays went from a 4-3 lead to a 3-2 loss because of new MLB slide rule reversal

By Mark Sandritter

Published: Apr 5, 2016, 11:05 pm EDT

The new MLB slide rule prohibiting dangerous slides had a major effect on Tuesday, erasing a Toronto lead and instead sealing the victory for Tampa Bay. Edwin Encarnacion came to the plate with one out in the top of the ninth inning. The Blue Jays trailed 3-2, but had the...

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The Blue Jays tried to bribe a teammate to eat 8 pounds of mac and cheese, but $15k wasn't enough

By Mark Sandritter

Published: Mar 31, 2016, 11:01 pm EDT

How much lobster macaroni and cheese would you attempt eat for $15,000? Ten pounds, 20 pounds, 30 pounds? We don't know Chris Colabello's answer to that question, but we do know it's less than eight pounds. Colabello was out to dinner with some of his Blue Jays teammates when Jose...

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Edwin Encarnacion and the Blue Jays disagreed about extension length, too

By Marc Normandin

Published: Mar 16, 2016, 8:57 am EDT

Wednesday's Say Hey, Baseball includes the Blue Jays faltering extension talks, Adam LaRoche's sudden decision, and Ned Yost breaking bricks with his hands. Listen, we know it's tough to catch up on everything happening in the baseball world each morning. There are all kinds of stories, rumors, game coverage, and...

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The green leaf on the Blue Jays' St. Patrick's Day caps does not look like a maple leaf

By Claire McNear

Published: Mar 14, 2016, 4:55 pm EDT


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Jose Bautista and the Phillie Phanatic got into a workout battle

By Mark Hinog

Published: Mar 12, 2016, 4:13 pm EST

Prior to Saturday's spring training game between the Blue Jays and Phillies, bat flip advocate Jose Bautista and the Phillie Phanatic got into what looked like a workout battle. Before today's game, the Phanatic and Toronto's @JoeyBats19 squared off in an epic battle of strength. — Phillies (@Phillies) March 12,...

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