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Jays From The Couch

Confessions of a Blue Jays Fan: I’m a Little Bit AA and a Little Bit Mark Shapiro

By Shaun Doyle

PUBLISHED: Dec 16, 1:24 pm EST

In comparing two different styles of running the Toronto Blue Jays, it is possible to conclude that both are right… More

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Everything Bluebirds

What to make of Mark Shapiro’s “reset” comments

PUBLISHED: Dec 16, 12:44 pm EST

Mark Shapiro Earlier this week Mark Shapiro was quoted as saying “I’ve said it all along, if we were just… More

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Buffalo Bisons

Store Hours for Coca-Cola Field's Gift Shop

PUBLISHED: Dec 16, 12:13 pm EST

The Holidays are coming quick! If you don't have your shopping done, there's still time to give the gift of… More

ADDED: Dec 16, 2:16 pm via milb.com

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Bluebird Banter

Today in Blue Jays history: The Roy Halladay trade

By Tom Dakers

PUBLISHED: Dec 16, 12:10 pm EST

Eight years ago today (time flies), Alex Anthopoulos traded Roy Halladay to the Phillies for Kyle Drabek, Michael Taylor and… More

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Report: Phillies inquired about Blue Jays’ Marcus Stroman

By Sportsnet Staff

PUBLISHED: Dec 16, 11:59 am EST

The Philadelphia Phillies have inquired about Toronto Blue Jays right-hander Marcus Stroman, according to major league sources cited by Philly.com.

ADDED: Dec 16, 12:10 pm via sportsnet.ca

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Jays Journal

Blue Jays 2018: Jonathan Villar makes a lot of sense

By Victor Riancho

PUBLISHED: Dec 16, 11:26 am EST

The Blue Jays need another infielder for 2018 as they look to increase depth behind Troy Tulowitzki and Devon Travis.… More

ADDED: Dec 16, 1:18 pm via jaysjournal.com

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Jays Journal

Are management playing us for a fool?

By Clayton Richer

PUBLISHED: Dec 16, 8:00 am EST

The Toronto Blue Jays brain trust continue to force feed us philosophies and propaganda in regards to their intentions for… More

ADDED: Dec 16, 8:18 am via jaysjournal.com

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Jays Journal

Will the front office’s patience pay off?

By Chris Henderson

PUBLISHED: Dec 16, 7:00 am EST

After an offseason in 2016 that saw the front office strike quickly, they’re taking the opposite approach this year. Will… More

ADDED: Dec 16, 8:18 am via jaysjournal.com

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Globe and Mail

A few hard truths about the Blue Jays

By Cathal Kelly

PUBLISHED: Dec 15, 8:14 pm EST

The stark reality of the club’s likely chances in 2018 are at odds with the corporate party line on the… More

ADDED: Dec 15, 9:10 pm via theglobeandmail.com

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Toronto's Bove named East Scout of Year

By Gregor Chisholm

PUBLISHED: Dec 15, 5:57 pm EST

Sabermetrics have become an integral part of evaluating baseball players, but Russ Bove is proof that the traditional way of… More

ADDED: Dec 15, 7:12 pm via m.bluejays.mlb.com

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