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Jays Journal

Bargain or not, Dickey is not an option

By Chris Henderson

PUBLISHED: Oct 24, 7:00 am EDT

The Blue Jays are in need of a fifth starter for their 2018 rotation, and a familiar face became a… More

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Blue Jays Nation

Should the Jays Have Interest In Bringing Back R.A. Dickey?

By Andrew Stoeten

PUBLISHED: Oct 23, 3:37 pm EDT

FACT: It has been 24 years since the Toronto Blue Jays made the playoffs while not employing R.A. Dickey. FACT:… More

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MLB Trade Rumors

East Notes: Happ, Dickey, Mets, Price, Phillies

By Steve Adams

PUBLISHED: Aug 30, 9:17 pm EDT

It’s already known that the Blue Jays pulled right-hander Marco Estrada back from waivers after he was claimed (reportedly by… More

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VICE Sports

Blue Jays Mailbag: Why the Dickey-Syndergaard Trade Was Defensible

By Andrew Stoeten

PUBLISHED: May 23, 4:59 pm EDT

Andrew Stoeten looks back at the 2012 Blue Jays-Mets blockbuster trade, and examines whether Justin Smoak's hot start is sustainable.

ADDED: May 23, 5:02 pm via sports.vice.com

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Jays Journal

Putting a bow on the R.A. Dickey era in Toronto

By Brendan Panikkar

PUBLISHED: May 18, 8:00 am EDT

The era of R.A. Dickey in a Toronto Blue Jays uniform came to an end in the off-season when he… More

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Difficult end to Blue Jays career 'stoked the fire' in Dickey

By Lucas Casaletto

PUBLISHED: May 16, 9:18 pm EDT

As any competitor would be, R.A. Dickey wasn't happy with how his tenure with the Toronto Blue Jays ended -… More

ADDED: May 16, 11:14 pm via thescore.com

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R.A. Dickey has no regrets from polarizing Blue Jays tenure

By Shi Davidi

PUBLISHED: May 16, 7:29 pm EDT

R.A. Dickey’s tenure with the Toronto Blue Jays was a polarizing one for many, but for him it was a… More

ADDED: May 16, 8:00 pm via sportsnet.ca

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TSN 1050
TSN Radio

Dickey: Time in Toronto has taught me how to be a better teammate

Scott MacArthur Show

PUBLISHED: May 16, 2:22 pm EDT

Atlanta Braves pitcher and former Blue Jay R.A. Dickey joins the Scott MacArthur Show to reminisce about his time with… More

ADDED: May 16, 3:02 pm via tsn.ca

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Globe and Mail

For R.A. Dickey, Cy Young Award was both a blessing and a curse

By Robert MacLeod

PUBLISHED: May 15, 10:02 pm EDT

Former Jays pitcher still lives in the shadow of his spectacular season with the Mets, even in his new home… More

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Toronto Sun

Dickey has fond memories of time with Blue Jays

By Terry Koshan

PUBLISHED: May 15, 8:33 pm EDT

TORONTO — R.A. Dickey would have loved to have faced the Blue Jays this week.

ADDED: 7 months ago via torontosun.com

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