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Blue Jays From Away

Toronto Blue Jays Acquire OF Randal Grichuk for Conner Greene and Dominic Leone

By Jay Blue

PUBLISHED: Jan 19, 4:51 pm EST

Whoa. That was my reaction to the news on Twitter today that the Blue Jays had acquired outfielder Randal Grichuk… More

ADDED: Jan 19, 5:18 pm via bluejaysfromaway.com

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Blue Jays Nation

Blue Jays send Conner Greene and Dominic Leone to St. Louis for OF Randal Grichuk

By Cam Lewis

PUBLISHED: Jan 19, 4:48 pm EST

Hey look, #TransactionFriday is back! Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Uhhhhh… in this case? I’m not… More

ADDED: Jan 19, 5:18 pm via bluejaysnation.com

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Bluebird Banter

Blue Jays trade for Randal Grichuk

By Tom Dakers

PUBLISHED: Jan 19, 4:44 pm EST

The Blue Jays made a trade with the Cardinals sending pitching prospect Conner Greene and reliever Dominic Leone to St.… More

ADDED: Jan 19, 5:18 pm via bluebirdbanter.com

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MLB Daily Dish

Cardinals trade Randal Grichuk to Blue Jays

By Chris Cotillo

PUBLISHED: Jan 19, 4:40 pm EST

Grichuk is the second Cardinal to be traded to the Jays this winter, joining Aledmys Diaz. The Cardinals traded outfielder… More

ADDED: Jan 19, 4:59 pm via mlbdailydish.com

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Sporting News

MLB trade news: Blue Jays acquire OF Randal Grichuk from Cardinals

PUBLISHED: Jan 19, 4:38 pm EST

Randal Grichuk had 22 home runs and 59 RBIs for the Cardinals in 2017.

ADDED: Jan 19, 6:16 pm via sportingnews.com

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FanRag Sports

Blue Jays acquire Randal Grichuk from Cardinals

By Alex Kolodziej

PUBLISHED: Jan 19, 4:38 pm EST

Fans haven’t had much to get excited about as the Major League Baseball hot stove has yet to really heat… More

ADDED: Jan 19, 5:02 pm via fanragsports.com

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Blue Jays acquire Randal Grichuk

By Press Release

PUBLISHED: Jan 19, 4:22 pm EST

GRICHUK, 26, appeared in 122 games for the St. Louis Cardinals in 2017 posting a batting average of .238, with… More

ADDED: Jan 19, 4:59 pm via toronto.bluejays.mlb.com

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Batters Box

Randall Grichuk Trade

By Gerry McDonald

PUBLISHED: Jan 19, 4:21 pm EST

The Jays have acquired Randall Grichuk from the Cardinals for Conner Greene and Dominic Leone. Grichuk is a 26 year… More

ADDED: Jan 19, 5:18 pm via battersbox.ca

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Cardinals trade Grichuk to Blue Jays for Leone, Greene

By Brandon Wile

PUBLISHED: Jan 19, 4:20 pm EST

For the second time this offseason, the Toronto Blue Jays and St. Louis Cardinals have made a trade. The Cardinals… More

ADDED: Jan 19, 5:14 pm via thescore.com

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MLB Trade Rumors

Blue Jays Acquire Randal Grichuk From Cardinals For Dominic Leone, Conner Greene

By Jeff Todd

PUBLISHED: Jan 19, 4:19 pm EST

The Blue Jays have agreed to acquire outfielder Randal Grichuk from the Cardinals, per a Toronto announcement. Righties Dominic Leone… More

ADDED: Jan 19, 4:59 pm via mlbtraderumors.com

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