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Blue Jays, Stroman on divergent paths, seem headed for divorce

By Shi Davidi

Toronto Star

Jays pitching coach ending the fifth starter’s fight before it begins

By Laura Armstrong

Sporting News

Blue Jays star pitcher Marcus Stroman unhappy with lack of veteran leadership

By Alexis Mansanarez

Yahoo Sports

Ryan Feierabend might be the Blue Jays' most interesting add of the offseason

By Nick Ashbourne

Toronto Sun

What’s eating Marcus Stroman? Just about everything

By Steve Simmons

Blue Jays From Away

Stroman Sounds Off: Marcus Holds Court at Toronto Blue Jays Spring Training

By Jay Blue

NBC Sports

Marcus Stroman wants to sign an extension with the Blue Jays

By Ashley Varela

Canadian Press

Marcus Stroman laments Blue Jays' lack of veteran presence

By Melissa Couto

Jays From The Couch

Blue Jays Better Hope Stroman is Healthy

By Shaun Doyle

Blue Jays Nation

Marcus Stroman is disappointed with Blue Jays front office

By Cam Lewis

Toronto Star

Stroman states desire to remain a Blue Jay, says ‘I’ve been offered nothing’

By Laura Armstrong

Bluebird Banter

Better Know Your Blue Jays 40-man: Lourdes Gurriel Jr.

By Tom Dakers

Jays From The Couch

2019 could impact the rest of Sanchez’s career

By Thomas Hall

Yahoo Sports

Stroman claims he wants an extension but was offered 'nothing'

By Nick Ashbourne

Toronto Sun

Stroman lashes out at contract situation, trade speculation and overall state of the Blue Jays

By Rob Longley


Blue Jays' Stroman seeking extension: 'I've been offered nothing'

By Michael Bradburn

Sports Illustrated

MLB Rumors: Blue Jays' Marcus Stroman Wants Long-Term Deal

By Kaelen Jones

Outta The Park
NSR Media

Ep. 97, Feb 15, 2019 - Guest - Scott Downs

With Barry Davis

MLB Trade Rumors

AL Notes: Castellanos, Stroman, Rangers, Calhoun, Royals

By Connor Byrne


Marcus Stroman expresses desire to stay with Blue Jays

By Shi Davidi

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