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Cam Lewis and Tyler Yaremchuk 126, Brayden Ewasko and Carter Fuerst 125, Scott Belford and Adam Mac 115, Johnny Giunta, Avery Chenier and Jeremy Roach 89, Mike Wilner 73More, Justin Anderson and Patrick Marsh 55, Richard Griffin and Scott MacArthur 52, Zach Worden and Jori Negin-Shecter 44, Brant Dubeau, Konnor Pierson-Ward and Nathan Lennox 44, Jesse Burrill and Riley McConnell 40, Arden Zwelling and Ben Nicholson-Smith 39, Craig Ballard 33, Andrew Zuber and Jake Goldsbie 30, Steve Gower and Matt Gower 30, Andrew Stoeten and Nick Ashbourne 30, Thomas Hall 26, John Gibbons and John Arezzi 23, Scott Belford 17, Josh Goldberg 16, Mark Colley, Bryson Posa and Jacob Kauc 14, Greg Wisniewski and Joshua Howsam 11, Mickey & Yvan 11, Nick Lew and Mo Kafafi 8, Sean Woodley and Mike DiStefano 8, Craig Borden, Jason Lyons and Ken Alfred 7, Zach Worden, Jake Brannen and Jori Negin-Shecter 7, Nick Lew, Anthony Giordano and Mo Kafafi 7, JP Ricciardi and John Arezzi 6, Curtis Martin and Tyler Procyk 5, Cole, Rob & James 4, Craig Borden and Jason Lyons 4, Tyler Zickel 4, Joshua Howsam and Nick Dika 4, Tyler Zickel and Pat Malacaro 3, Zach Worden and Jake Brannen 3, Tyler Zickel, Pat Malacaro and Steve Goldberg 2, Jake Brannen and Jori Negin-Shecter 2, Rob & James 2, Shaun Doyle 2, Nick Lew and Anthony Giordano 2, Joshua Howsam 1, Zach Worden 1, Craig Borden 1, Cole & Rob 1, Steve Gower 1, Pat Malacaro 1, Mike & Vaughan 1, Cole 1, Carter Fuerst 1 Fewer

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