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Scott Belford and Adam Mac 199, Matt Bonaparte and Ben Shulman 117, Mark Colley, Bryson Posa and Jacob Kauc 70, Cam Lewis and Tyler Yaremchuk 61, Andrew Stoeten and Nick Ashbourne 57 More Justin Anderson and Patrick Marsh 54, Mike Wilner 50, Arden Zwelling and Ben Nicholson-Smith 44, Andrew Zuber and Jake Goldsbie 43, Thomas Hall 36, Shaun Doyle 34, Greg Wisniewski and Joshua Howsam 30, Drew Fairservice and Kaitlyn McGrath 30, Mitch Bannon and Ethan Diamandas 29, Rob Wong and Josh Goldberg 25, Craig Borden, Brendan Panikkar, Adam Corsair and Kris Key 25, Drew Fairservice and Ricky Romero 24, Curtis Martin and Tyler Procyk 24, Ricky Romero, Josh Thole and Beto Duran 18, John Gibbons and John Arezzi 10, Pat Malacaro 8, Andrew Zuber and Nick Ashbourne 8, Tyler Zickel 8, A.J. Andrews 3, Craig Borden 3, Cam Lewis 2, Drew Fairservice 2, Drew Fairservice, Kaitlyn McGrath and Ricky Romero 2, Ben Nicholson-Smith 1, Jakob Ehman and David Patrick Flemming 1, Kaitlyn McGrath 1 Fewer

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