Blue Jays Information

Links to Toronto Blue Jays reference material

Blue Jays Management & Front Office

Information about the Toronto Blue Jays front office and coaching staff including team president, general manager, manager and more

Blue Jays Roster & Depth Charts

Toronto Blue Jays rosters including active (25-man), extended (40-man), disabled list, and positional depth charts

Blue Jays Affiliates

From the Florida State League to AAA, the Toronto Blue Jays minor league team official sites

Blue Jays Stadium

Information about Toronto Blue Jays ballparks past and present including Rogers Centre and Exhibition Stadium

Blue Jays Stats

Links to Toronto Blue Jays statistics resources including team and player stats, leaders, counting stats, advanced stats, and much more

Blue Jays Schedule

Toronto Blue Jays schedule in various formats including live, projected, sortable, and printable options

MLB Standings

Live Toronto Blue Jays standings including traditional, expanded, Wildcard, and playoff odds

Blue Jays Transactions

Toronto Blue Jays trades, free agent signings, promotions and demotions, the waiver wire and other player movement

Blue Jays Salaries & Payroll

Blue Jays team payroll, player salaries, contracts and future commitments

Blue Jays Broadcasters

Information about the television and radio broadcasters covering the Toronto Blue Jays past and present

Blue Jays Draft

Blue Jays draft history from 1976 to present including all picks, first-round picks, expansion draft info and more

Blue Jays Logos & Uniforms

Toronto Blue Jays logo and uniform archives with photos and graphics from 1977 to present

Blue Jays Forums

Talk Toronto Blue Jays with other baseball fans on these active forums/message boards

Blue Jays History

Toronto Blue Jays franchise history with articles, lists, and other reference material

Social Media

Follow and interact directly with the Toronto Blue Jays through their official social media accounts

Blue Jays Tickets

How and where to buy Toronto Blue Jays tickets including ticket sellers, seat maps, and info on individual tickets, packages, season tickets and more

Blue Jays Jobs

Toronto Blue Jays career opportunities, job postings and other employment information

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