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Mitchell: Aaron Sanchez will be the key to the Blue Jays 2018 season

Scott MacArthur Show

PUBLISHED: Jan 16, 3:03 pm EST

TSN 1050 Blue Jays reporter Scott Mitchell talked to Scott MacArthur about why Aaron Sanchez will be the key to… More

ADDED: Jan 16, 3:10 pm via tsn.ca

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Blue Jay Hunter

Aaron Sanchez Will Throw Off a Mound Next Week

By Ian Hunter

PUBLISHED: Jan 13, 9:14 am EST

2017 is a year Aaron Sanchez would like to forget. In a season when nearly everything went wrong, he’s ready… More

ADDED: Jan 13, 11:18 am via bluejayhunter.com

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TSN Video

Jays sign Sanchez, Travis to one-year deals, avoiding arbitration

PUBLISHED: Jan 12, 5:20 pm EST

The Blue Jays have avoided arbitration with both pitcher Aaron Sanchez and second baseman Devon Travis. Toronto agreed to a… More

ADDED: Jan 12, 6:10 pm via tsn.ca

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Jays Journal

Blue Jays avoid arbitration with Sanchez and Travis

By Victor Riancho

PUBLISHED: Jan 12, 4:07 pm EST

After they settled with Josh Donaldson to avoid arbitration the Toronto Blue Jays have reportedly avoided arbitration with both Aaron… More

ADDED: Jan 12, 5:18 pm via jaysjournal.com

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Sportsnet Video

Blue Jays' Sanchez excited to move past 'Disaster' of last season

PUBLISHED: Jan 12, 2:14 pm EST

No description found for Blue Jays' Sanchez excited to move past 'Disaster' of last season from Unknown published January 12, 2018

ADDED: Jan 12, 3:14 pm via sportsnet.ca

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Bluebird Banter

Blue Jays sign Aaron Sanchez and Devon Travis

By Tom Dakers

PUBLISHED: Jan 12, 1:34 pm EST

5 down, 4 to go. We have Stroman (the conspiracy part of my personality figures he wants $10 more than… More

ADDED: Jan 12, 3:18 pm via bluebirdbanter.com

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Globe and Mail

Blue Jays re-sign Donaldson in blockbuster deal, lock down Pillar, Sanchez

By Robert MacLeod

PUBLISHED: Jan 12, 12:10 pm EST

The club and its star third baseman agreed to a record-setting prearbitration settlement worth $23-million for one year

ADDED: Jan 12, 9:10 pm via theglobeandmail.com

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Blue Jays Nation

Atkins Speaks!: On Solarte, Yelich, Sanchez, and More!

By Andrew Stoeten

PUBLISHED: Jan 10, 3:28 pm EST

Blue Jays GM Ross Atkins appeared on Prime Time Sports on Wednesday to have a chat with Arash Madani and… More

ADDED: Jan 10, 5:18 pm via bluejaysnation.com

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Blue Jay Hunter

Mark Shapiro Talks Donaldson, Sanchez and the Blue Jays’ Rumoured Rebuild

By Ian Hunter

PUBLISHED: Jan 9, 7:55 am EST

Slowly but surely, the Blue Jays are inching their way towards Opening Day. [Read more] The post Mark Shapiro Talks… More

ADDED: Jan 9, 8:18 am via bluejayhunter.com

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Healthy Sanchez could set tone for rotation

By Gregor Chisholm

PUBLISHED: Jan 8, 11:00 pm EST

The Blue Jays' starting rotation went from a supposed strength to a noticeable weakness in 2017. Will a similar group… More

ADDED: Jan 9, 1:12 am via m.bluejays.mlb.com

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